Reflection Journal Entry





Reflection Journal Entry No.1

Simon T. Houlihan

STEAM Academy

















Reflection Journal Entry No.1

Many skills are used throughout the semester at STEAM such as the STEAM habits. Another fourteen skills are highlighted in the English 2 syllabus. They help make a student better-rounded and a better writer. Each skill fits into a skill set and this paper will focus on the skillsets of language, speaking and listening, writing, and reading.

The first skillset is Reading, in reading you must be able to determine the meaning of words and phrases, and how an author structures their text, and how to analyze a particular point of view. The first skill, determining meaning of words and phrases, was used in analyzing speeches. For example, Queen Elizabeth’s speech contains many, many words that I am not familiar with, since the English language has changed drastically since that time. We are also analyzing speeches on our own, I have chosen “we will fight them on the beaches” delivered by Winston Churchill during World War II. The second skill is analyzing how an author structures a text, in class we listened to the speech from Braveheart, William Wallace starts by saying who he is, then once the audience is hooked, he begins to talk about how the soldiers will regret it for the rest of their lives if they choose not to fight. The final skill is being able to analyze a particular point of view, this skill entails being able to look at other people’s point of view from an argumentative standpoint.

The next skill is writing. In righting you must be able to develop and strengthen your piece, support your claims in arguments, and use different forms of media to your advantage. The first skill comes in to play whenever writing a piece, or even annotating, you must always correct your writing and it will happen naturally as you write. I have made revisions countless times throughout the semester. The second skill in writing has been hard for me as I have had trouble coming up with evidence to back up my claim in an argument, as I often am not knowledgeable in the argument. The final part of writing concerns using multiple forms of media as resources in writing. We have had to write using, videos, articles and much more.

The next skill in is speaking and listening, the first part of this skill is Presenting information and findings intelligently. You must use this skill in a way that helps the reader make sense of your text and follow the content. This skill is important because you might be very knowledgeable with this topic, but if you don’t present it well, then it doesn’t count for anything. I used this in presenting the queen Elizabeth speech analysis to the class. Another skill is using digital media, I have used this when using online programs to make charts and graphs as well as documents instead of using paper.

Another skill is language, you must be able to use grammar correctly and to your own advantage, use parallel structure, use different phrases, and apply knowledge to your writing. The first skill is quite possibly the most important skill that we will learn in English 2, as it doesn’t just apply to writing and reading, it applies to the rest of your life, both academically and socially, I have used this skill in every activity we’ve done in the semester, I have used various types of phrases to my advantage whenever writing an argumentative piece, as it assists in conveying your point to the opposing side and the audience. Lastly I have applied knowledge of language when identifying things like red herrings, and preventing use of them in my own writing. In conclusion, all of these skills will help you not only in your educational career, but in your job and throughout all of life.





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