Introducing John Muir

John Muir was born April 21, 1838 in Dunbar Scotland, but spent most of his life in the united states, where his long trek through nature would begin. ironically, before he ventured out into the wild, he was a big part of the industrial revolution, creating numerous important inventions, but that came to an abrupt end when he almost lost an eye, in order to recover he had to sit in a dark room with his eyes cover for a long time, but there was little hope of ever seeing with that eye again, but despite all odds, he recovered and he could see perfectly. After this he had a new found appreciation for nature, he would often go on long walks, admiring the beauty of the world around him. when he wasn’t on walks his mind was filled with thoughts of the wild. Finally his obsession was realized and he ventured off into nature. He Traveled across America and eventually found himself in the Yosemite area. He kept extremely detailed accountings of everything he saw in nature, and was an excellent writer. He wrote in extreme depth and detail. Here are a few example of John Muir’s detailed journal writings, “It was still early morning when I found myself fairly adrift. Delicious sunshine came pouring over the hills, lighting the tops of the pines, and setting free a steam of summery fragrance that contrasted strangely with the wild tones of the storm. The air was mottled with pine-tassels and bright green plumes, that went flashing past in the sunlight like birds pursued. But there was not the slightest dustiness, nothing less pure than leaves, and ripe pollen, and flecks of withered bracken and moss.” The subject was simple but he was able to go in depth with what he was talking about all of his numerous experiences in nature in an extremely deep and personal way, so much so that it didn’t seem like he was just talking about something like a sun rise. Because of his skill He became an extremely popular, so popular in fact, that the president, Theodore Roosevelt needed a guide through Yosemite, so he asked John Muir.  Eventually he settled down. He worked on a ranch and married his boss’s daughter. After many years, he had had two children and his boss died, which lead to him moving into a mansion. This new lifestlye was a complete and totally different from his former like living in nature, a little too different for his taste, this new calm, lazy lifestyle wasn’t enough for him So, once again, he set out for the Sierra Nevada. This time though, his experience was very very different. There were machines, factories, and people cutting down trees everywhere. Muir was so shocked and appauled that he began a long fight against the industrial revolution. He founded the Sierra Club and pushed for Americans to stop harvesting trees and destroying nature. Throughout this essay, i’ll talk about my experiences with nature in comparison to John Muir. To be honest, I can appreciate nature, but I don’t think i’ll ever be capable of seeing it the way John Muir could see it, few people can, however, I’ve seen my fair share of beauty in nature, like the Black Rock Desert and like john muir, Yosimite again though, I could never enjoy them to the extent that he could. After reading the article, I think I’ve started appreciating nature a little more. The Disconnect I feel when in nature is astounding, it’s so tranquil. John Muir was an extremely important man, an excellent writer, a pillar in the fight for nature, and a good person. Thanks to him we now have new national parks, his beautifully detailed accounts of all he saw and what he did on his trek. His work was beautiful and inspiring, and i think today’s writers should look to him as a if not the prime example of the perfect writer, but I think to be able to accomplish this you have to truly care about what you right about, and this can be applied to life as a whole, not just writing; do what you love to do and what makes you happy, or you’ll live an unfulfilled life. When went outside, it was like he was home, We as people should all have an escape, something to go back to when we are at our worst, this is the lesson that he leaves us with, this is what we need to take from him, it is his legacy, and I think he would be glad to hear it.


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