Called Out Blog Post

Barbara Kingsolver is a who writer focuses on nature, she was born 1955 in Maryland and has lived in many different places since, including Kentucky, England, and France. She is a distinguished writer having written books like Animal Dreams, Pigs In Heaven and several others, and has won countless awards. As a writer, she uses, Connotative language, Technical writing and Figurative language.

Technical writers use concise and clear sentences and use very advanced terminology which distinguishes them from other writers. A prime example of Kingsolver’s use of this is Called Out.

Connotative language deals with writings that have a much deeper meaning, the most revered and talented writers can use this form of language.

Figurative language is essentially plays on words, like similes, metaphors, and hyperbolas. An example of a simile is,”He’s as dumb as a rock,”.obviously a person can’t be as dumb as a rock, but it’s just a way to get your point through in a somewhat comedic way that anyone can understand.

Almost any distinguished writer you can find uses these writing styles, including Kingsolver, They are helpful in understanding almost any writing.


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